Talking about the future you will not get around talking about clean, renewable energy. It is the infinite source of energy that has the capability of aiding to lift Africa out of poverty and empower its people in their home live, businesses, public spaces and it will literally enlighten the education system as a whole.

The Cleantech Academy, sponsored by Cleantech Germany GmbH, provides education to the highest standard of excellency. We offer the complete range of Solar Training through hand-on training, workshops, webinar, distant learning and online learning respectively.

Jobs in the solar industry are rising at lightning speed as the demand grows rapidly and the need to keep operational costs low becomes priority.

It is Cleantech Academy’s mission to meet the ever rising demand for highly qualified and local professionals.

Through Cleantech Germany’s own project in Nigeria we generate a multitude of jobs which our graduates can benefit from. Our network in the industry will push our students to become embassadors for clean energy, assets to their local communities and Nigeria as a whole, by adding priceless value whilst always committed to excellency and integrety.